Welcome to NLAC

North London Asian Care provides a culturally sensitive, linguistically appropriate, fully accessible service to all service users, specialising with Asian Care in North London irrespective of their ethnicity, culture, religion, gender or disability.

We provide a culturally appropriate Home Care service in various languages. Our professional care staff speak EnglishHindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Creole, Swahili & Urdu.


Are yon direct payments or have you received your individualized budget? Then we are here to put you in control of Where/When and How services are to be delivered. We can support you with: personal care, shopping, cleaning, outing, daycare, sitting service and night service at home. We can offer you training towards independent living.

We can support you with the following:
  • Specialist Care
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Help
  • Live-In Care Night Service
  • Respite at Home
  • Sitting Service
  • Cooking Service
  • Emotional Support
  • Advice & Information

Outreach work

Another element of our services includes outreach work and focuses on creating awareness of cares rights and taking the information out into the heart of the Asian and the wider community. Many Asian people do not see themselves as “carers” but rather that they are fulfilling their duty by taking care of a family member and unaware of their rights and entitlement to support.

The outreach officer also develops links with appropriate community groups and agencies to create awareness around the issues facing Asian carers. By working in this way there is more emphasis on a cohesive and holistic approach to supporting Asian carers.

Advice and information project

Isolation for carers in an issue often highlighted. We have a dedicated project which aims to empower carer to build strong support networks around them with like-minded people. THe project provides advice, information and practical support to Asian carers. The project officer visit carers in their homes assisting them to deal with a variety of practical and emotional issues such as; sign-posting to resources, providing advocacy at appointments with other professionals, or assisting them to write a letter or fill out a form, or providing information on education, hobbies and interests, skills training or employment opportunities.

Events and forums

The other aspect of the project supports carers by providing events such as regular forums. Also, monthly trips provide visits to new and exciting places and a chance to meet other carers. We are also introducing new activities such as dance. On average 25 attend the quarterly forums and 50 carers attend trips regularly.